Leaders discuss vision for redevelopment around Amtrak station, Yards apartment plans at Hourglass forum

May 10, 2023

This article originally appeared on One United Lancaster

"The Lancaster County Planning Department, considers the potential redevelopment of the area around Amtrak’s Lancaster train station to be “one of the most important projects in the community,” Michael Domin said Friday.

Domin, principal planner with the department’s Land Use & Transportation Team, was speaking at the Hourglass Foundation’s First Friday forum, discussing the agency’s vision for revitalizing the station’s environs through transit-oriented development. This spring, the department released a draft plan intended to serve as inspiration for the many stakeholders who would be involved. It depicts the station surrounded by several dozen new buildings up to five stories tall, primarily mixed-use complexes with ground floor retail and residential units upstairs. Landscaping and streetscaping would create a pleasant environment for pedestrians and bicyclists while increasing overall traffic safety."

"Joining Domin was Ben Lesher, founder and president of Parcel B Development Co. He spoke about the Yards, the $59 million, 226-unit apartment complex that Parcel B is planning at the intersection of Lititz Pike and Marshall Avenue, a stone’s throw east of the Amtrak station."

Photo Cred:
Lancaster County Planning Department